Executive Summit 2018 Summary

Executive Summit 2018

22-24 October 2018
Thompson Seattle, Seattle, WA

Notes and presentations are available to Consortium Members on the wiki.

Discussion Topics

  • The Leadership Framework and the Adaptive Organization – Greg Oxton, Consortium
  • Interview with Amanda Parsons, General Manager of the Thompson Hotel – Kelly Murray, Consortium
  • Asking the Right Questions: Get People Aligned to the Same Why, Because They Won’t Change Otherwise – Group Discussion
  • Augmented Reality in Services – Matt Seaman, PTC
  • Open Space Sessions
    • Changing the C-level conversation: what’s the right approach?
    • What is inhibiting re-imaging of customer service (digital transformation)?
    • How does AI/machine learning change the way we think about success for KCS?
  • Aligning the Consortium’s Work with Agile – David Kay, DB Kay & Associates
  • Branding of the Consortium’s Work: Agile Taglines? – Greg Oxton, Consortium
  • Measuring the Health and Value of Customer Interactions – Group Discussion

Reference Links

Notes and presentations available to Consortium Members; contact Kelly Murray for more information.

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