2016 Executive Summit: Video Summary

The Consortium for Service Innovation’s 2016 Executive Summit convened in Colorado Springs, Colorado to discuss Shared Services Strategies and skills utilization across the organization.

As business models and modes of interaction shift toward more personalized, often subscription-based products and services, Consortium member companies are focusing on customer productivity and success as a differentiator. Because many members have mature KCS implementations with strong self-service offerings to address known issues, an opportunity exists for support organizations to deliver customized, high value services.

This requires tapping into a set of skills and attributes that we may not currently utilize or even have visibility to. We had a great conversation around defining some of these skills: listening, empathy, business acumen, and the ability to deal with ambiguity topped the list. The front line responders of the future need to be flexible, curious, and confident in engaging customers.

Do we have access to these skills already? Determining whether our organization struggles with capability, access, or capacity can help define a way forward, but we agreed that broadening utilization of skills within our organizations depends on the ability of leadership to create a culture where employees are eager to learn, collaborate, and contribute.

In addition, we had great Open Space discussions around performance management in knowledge-sharing environments, measuring the value of self-service, amending the funnel and the cloud model to better reflect the influence of social networks, and more.

Full notes are available to Consortium members on the wiki; email Kelly Murray for access. We hope to see you at a Consortium event soon!

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