2014 Member Summit: Video Summary

Two minute video summary:

The 2014 Annual Member Summit took place March 17-19 at the Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego, California.

Greg Oxton kicked off the meeting with an overview of the current five initiatives of the Consortium:
The Leadership Framework for Service Excellence, the Customer Success Initiative, Intelligent Swarming, Social Media and Support, and KCS. More information about each of these topics can be found under the Our Work page.

Jim Pendergast from Sage North America presented their comprehensive Customer Experience Continuous Improvement model, which leverages what Sage knows about their customers’ experience from multiple points of view and enables decisions and action for improvement. For this work, and for his dozen years of courage iterating on concepts and models discussed by Consortium members, Jim was named a Consortium Innovator.

Six interactive sessions were offered:

  • For ways to understand and engage customers, Marc Smith from Connected Action talked about Social Network Analysis and how to find influencers in a given community, Erica Kuhl from Salesforce.com discussed best practices for building successful and vibrant customer communities, and Fred Van Bennekom from Great Brook Consulting explored ways to measure customer success and likelihood of customer retention, acquisition, and promotion.
  • David Kay presented sessions on touchpoint models and customer experience mapping.
  • On strategy, Jim Pendergast from Sage discussed ways of building customer empathy in the C-suite, and Greg Oxton from the Consortium offered an approach to building a strategy for your own Customer Success Initiative.

The Open Space session explored a dozen topics around what the support organization might look like in 2020, including how to make technical support and services part of the company brand, what the KCS coaching model will look like in 2020 when everyone can publish, and how to track resources needed for community-based support.

Members can find meeting notes and more information on the wiki (email Kelly Murray for access).

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