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Expert Insight: Challenges of Implementing KCS and How to Address Them

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November 11, 2021 - 8:00 am - 9:00 am PST

Michelle Stumpf, KCS Practice Director/Certified Trainer, will lead a panel of seasoned KCS practitioners in this important discussion, offered at 8 am Pacific, 5 pm Central European Time.

Without an all-inclusive plan and key stakeholder buy in, you risk your KCS implementation unraveling before it even takes off resulting in a downturn in productivity and engagement. So how can you address some of the biggest challenges and set yourself up for success?

Michelle Stumpf, KCS Practice Director and Certified Trainer, will lead this panel of seasoned KCS practitioners, where they will discuss:

  • Toughest challenges in implementing KCS
  • Surprises (positive or negative) encountered along the way
  • Expert advice that you wish you could force a company to follow
  • KCS principles or practices that you did NOT adhere to but wished you had
  • Most effective technique in getting KCS buy in
  • Long term sustainability advice
  • Most important metrics including those which prove value/ROI to senior execs
  • How to maintain enthusiasm of your KCS rollout

As always, there will be time for questions and discussion.

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