Knowledge Domain Analysis Workshop

The Knowledge Domain Analysis Workshop is taught by KCS v6 Certified Trainers.

Because this workshop uses real data from attendees’ case/incident management and knowledge management systems, Knowledge Domain Analysis workshops are designed and delivered for specific companies who have been generating data with KCS Solve Loop processes (capturing, structuring, reusing, and improving knowledge) for at least six months.

This instructor-led workshop is designed to help organizations get started with a Knowledge Domain Analysis program (as described in the KCS v6 Knowledge Domain Analysis Reference Guide) by teaching internal Knowledge Domain Experts (KDEs) how to look for patterns and trends in the knowledge base.

It provides some context around the why of Knowledge Domain Analysis, and then leverages your organization’s data to develop the perspective, skills, and processes needed for a successful KDA program.

This workshop not only provides KDEs with some structure and process, it also identifies significant opportunities for improvements in:

  • The KCS Solve Loop processes
  • High-value knowledge articles
  • Self-service success
  • Business improvements (products, services, policies)

Course Description

The multi-day, interactive KDA workshop covers the key elements of the Evolve Loop practices in the KCS methodology including:

  • The concept and intent of the Evolve Loop
  • Analysis techniques and processes for:
    • Pattern recognition
    • New vs Known Analysis
    • Opportunities to improve self-service success
  • Types of Evolve Loop content:
    • Complex diagnostic processes
    • Generic issues with multiple possible causes
  • Measures to assess effectiveness of the KB

Contact KCS Certified Trainers for more information. While a sample agenda is available here, Trainers have flexibility on what they include in each course; please check with them on the specifics of their agenda.