Akamai’s Guiding Principles for a Successful KCS Adoption

Realizing all the benefits of KCS requires being intentional about adoption and ongoing focus.  On a recent KCS in Action webinar, Monique Cadena, Amit Singh, and KK Rao from Akamai talked about their guiding principles for a successful KCS adoption, including insights and perspectives from key stakeholders.  They identified four key facets to their success:


You need to have executive buy-in and ensure that all stakeholders understand the “why”.  Leveraging a program charter, strategic framework, and KCS leadership training are great tools to help with this alignment.


This is largely about Organizational Change Management and bringing everyone along on a journey.  To do this well, you need to involve the teams in the design and communication, creating champions to spread the message.  Ensure you are looking holistically at people, processes, and technology.  Make sure you address case management upfront to streamline knowledge creation.


Enable the teams at all levels (knowledge workers, managers, and leaders) to execute the new practices and processes.   Shift the team’s thinking to the new indicators, instead of the old measures, along with simple references to keep people aligned.   Ensure you are investing in training, certification, and coaching for your staff.    

Maintain and Run

“Recognition is fuel.” Recognizing the right behaviors is key to maintaining momentum and engagement over the long haul–communicate, communicate, communicate!  Equally important is to analyze outcomes and activity trends to identify opportunities to continuously improve the system.

Akamai delivered a very informative webinar that serves as a blueprint for a successful KCS adoption. You can view the whole presentation below.

We look forward to future KCS in Action calls which continue to focus on how companies are implementing KCS Practices and techniques, and hope to see you there. As always, there will be time for questions and discussion.   

If you have a KCS in Action story you’d like to share, let us know!

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