Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®)

Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®)

Leverage existing organizational knowledge to fuel continuous improvement across your business.

Knowledge-Centered Service operationalizes knowledge management concepts into your existing workflows, holistically improving customer experience, employee engagement, and organizational learning. The latest version, KCS v6, is based on the collective experience of Consortium for Service Innovation Members and developed over 30+ years.

KCS is a refined and robust methodology captured in publicly available resources:

KCS strives to:

  1. Integrate the reuse, improvement, and (if it doesn’t exist) creation of knowledge into the problem solving process
  2. Evolve content based on demand and usage
  3. Develop a knowledge base of collective experience to date
  4. Reward learning, collaboration, sharing, and improving
KCS Double Loop Process: Solve and Evolve loops describe eight practices.

Training & Certification

Demonstrate your proficiency and earn a digital badge with KCS Certifications.

KCS Case Studies

Learn how different organizations have been successful with KCS.

KCS Self-Paced Training

We offer 3 interactive courses designed to introduce KCS methodology.

Trainer-Led Workshops

Find upcoming workshops taught by KCS v6 Certified Trainers.

The Consortium for Service Innovation, whose Members created and maintain the KCS methodology, is the only certifying body for KCS. We offer KCS certification for people and KCS designations for KCS Verified Tools, KCS Aligned Tools, and KCS Aligned Services.

KCS is Powered by People

KCS takes teamwork to a new level. The organization must shift to a perspective that sees knowledge as an asset owned and maintained by the team, not by an individual or a small group of dedicated content creators. The focus of the team is to capture and improve the collective knowledge – not only to solve individual customer issues, but also to improve organizational learning.

Consortium Members who have implemented KCS in both their internal and external support organizations report dramatic improvements in incident resolution and training times, in customer satisfaction, and in analyst job satisfaction. As a result, they are realizing substantial savings in operating costs at the same time they are seeing improvements in service levels.

While KCS is enabled by technology, KCS is primarily about people. People are the source of knowledge. KCS has proven that the best people to capture and maintain support knowledge are the people who create and use it every day.

Member-Only Resources

With Consortium Membership, you join a network of KCS practitioners and digital transformation leaders who contribute to the continuous improvement of KCS methodology across all knowledge-intensive industries.

Consortium Member Slack Channels

Member Slack

Connect directly with peers across companies and across the globe in our active Member-only Slack workspace.

Member Events

Join our candid and collaborative events where Members continually iterate KCS methodology.

Members-Only Wiki

Member Wiki

Find years of captured presentations, notes, and hard-earned wisdom that Members freely share among our trusted community.

If you are a Consortium Member and need login assistance, please contact

Benefits of KCS

People choose to adopt KCS because they see a need to scale and extend their support capabilities, but do not have endless staffing or budget resources.  There are both quantifiable and qualitative benefits to adopting KCS.

KCS double loop icon

Solve Cases and Incidents Faster

  • 50 – 60% improved time to resolution
  • 30 – 50% increase in first contact resolution

Optimize Use of Resources

  • 70% improved time to proficiency
  • 20 – 35% improved employee retention
  • 20 – 40% improvement in employee satisfaction

Enable Self-Service Strategy

  • Improve customer success and use of self-help
  • Support center cost avoidance of up to 50%

Build Organizational Learning

  • Actionable information to product development about customer issues
  • 10% issue reduction due to root cause removal

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The KCS® methodology is service marked by the Consortium for Service Innovation.

The first mention of KCS in a written work must include the superscript ®.  Please also include this footnote or parenthetical statement: “KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service InnovationTM.”

The correct use of KCS is as an adjective, for example: “[Company Name] endorses the KCS® methodology….”

KCS cannot be used in the name of an offering without explicit written permission from the Consortium for Service Innovation. Please contact the Consortium with questions.