Our Work

The Consortium is a non-profit alliance of organizations focused on innovation for the support industry. Members create innovative ideas through a process of collective thinking and experience. The Consortium’s work integrates academic research and emerging business trends with members’ operational perspectives. The result is innovative operational models that improve the support experience.

Business has moved from a model where value came from physical products to a world where value comes from knowledge, influence and relationships. Navigating this shift in the source of value requires new models, processes and practices.  The Consortium’s work around these new models is currently organized into five areas of focus.


1) KCSsm
KCS Double Loop Process

An industry-recognized best practice for knowledge management, Knowledge-Centered Support was developed — and continues to be improved — by Consortium members.  The KCS initiative consists of two components: a tactical discussion on KCS adoption and success, and a strategic discussion about the evolution of KCS.  We are currently evolving the methodology to include how KCS works in the absence of a case or ticket. For more information about KCS, including certification, KCS Verified and Aligned tools, and case studies, please visit the KCS Academy.


2) Intelligent Swarming: A Collaborative Support Model


Sometimes called collaboration on steroids, Intelligent Swarming is a new way to align resources to work. It involves removing the tiers of support and, when appropriate, calling on the expertise of a “swarm” of analysts. Our initial experience with Intelligent Swarming is exceeding expectations in terms of improvement in operational efficiencies, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction and loyalty, and it brings with it a host of questions around practices and measurements.




3) Leadership Framework for the Organization as a NetworkLeadership Framework

Our definition: service excellence is about maximizing customer-realized value from our products and services. 

As we move away from traditional, hierarchical organizational structures and toward the organization as a network, the Leadership Framework aims to provide guidance around business strategy, people, measurements, process and structure, and technology.



4) The Customer Success Initiative
Continuous Improvement

Executing on service excellence is no small task. It often involves a shift in perspective, strategy, culture, and leadership. Members are currently working on a touch point model and desired outcomes, as well as techniques for understanding and improving the customer experience.





5) Communities, Social Networks & Support
Three Tenets of Social Media & Support

The Consortium has been working on the intersection of social media and support for the last few years. When integrated correctly into the service strategy, social can be a powerful tool.  Members have developed the three tenets of social and support (to the right). Future meetings will focus on the tactics involved in this approach.