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  How was KCS® developed? How many organizations are doing KCS? Who owns the KCS methodology? How do I get started on implementation? Why does the Consortium make the KCS documentation available for free? The KCS v6 Practices Guide and other documentation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. What does that mean? What does “appropriate credit to the Consortium for Service Innovation” look like? Can I…

New Case Study: Leveraging KCS and Communities at Extreme Networks

  A new case study is up on the KCS Resources page at the KCS Academy: Leveraging KCS and Communities for Customer Success at Extreme Networks How Extreme Networks improved loyalty and won the top spots on customer web searches with a disciplined, data-driven approach to KCS and communities.    

2016 Executive Summit: Video Summary

The Consortium for Service Innovation’s 2016 Executive Summit convened in Colorado Springs, Colorado to discuss Shared Services Strategies and skills utilization across the organization. As business models and modes of interaction shift toward more personalized, often subscription-based products and services, Consortium member companies are focusing on customer productivity and success as a differentiator. Because many members have mature KCS implementations with strong self-service offerings to address known issues, an opportunity…

Introducing KCS v6

We are pleased to announce the launch of KCS v6! KCS v6 is the culmination of 24 years of collective thinking, investment, experimentation, and insight by the members of the Consortium for Service Innovation.  Current documentation includes: KCS Principles and Core Concepts KCS Practices Guide v6 FAQ about KCS For the most current information about updates to the KCS certification programs, please visit the KCS Academy.        

Intercontinental Clement Monterey Hotel

Register now for the 2017 Member Summit: April 3-5 in Monterey, CA

  The 2017 Member Summit will be held April 3-5 at the Intercontinental The Clement Monterey in Monterey, CA.  Click here for registrations and logistics.  

Strategy for a Global Support Experience: Team Meeting Summary

Consortium members met at Cisco outside Dallas for an exploratory meeting around building a global support strategy. We originally thought we were looking to create a consistent customer support experience across multiple channels. After some discussion, we realized the better question was: How do we build a strategy that offers a customer experience which reinforces our brand promise across the globe, in multiple support channels? We began by defining our…

Should we lock down our knowledge base?

What is standard industry practice? What are the pros and cons?   Consortium members are all over the map on whether or not to put their knowledge base content out into the world for Google to index.  Unfortunately, there is no easy answer or best practice!  It really depends on your business model, your customer engagement strategy, and your brand promise.  Some members protect everything; customers don’t get access to…

Cloud vs On-Premise Products: Support Implications

As many Consortium members move their products to cloud-based offerings, the question comes up: what’s different about supporting cloud based products from supporting on-premise products?  Let’s take a look at some common themes we’ve heard from members over the past year.  While support still consists of answering questions and solving problems for customers, the nature of those questions change in two ways. First, support topics shift from supporting product functionality…

Exec Summit 2015, photo by Doc Searls

The Value Stack

This post is available as a pdf, here.   Value is an abstract concept specific to the needs of the individual perceiving it. Value realization has to do with meeting expectations based on capability (does it do what I need it to?) and effort (how hard is it for me to do?). High value is realized when we can do more than we expected or accomplish what we expected to…

New KCS Aligned Tools and Services

The KCS Academy, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Consortium for Service Innovation, today announced additions to the KCS Aligned program. The KCS Aligned designation identifies tools and service providers who have demonstrated their product or service enables a component of the KCS methodology. “KCS is gaining in popularity and credibility. As market demand grows, it is increasingly important to ensure that those who provide KCS-related tools and services are…

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